As we enter the second week of December, the holiday season is now in full swing all over the city as well as the Tenderloin. Which not only means more religious nuts than usual, but also an increase in the Christmas “spirit” and decorations. Looking up while walking around we’ve noticed several decorated trees by the windows, paper snowflakes on most storefronts, and the constant hint of pine in our elevator, although that might just be disinfectant. Here are a few random snapshots from the last couple of days, in case you’re still warming up to the holiday mood.

OMG! I just bought a tree! I know! I know! O!M!G!

“You thinking what I’m thinking?” “Someone’s getting kicked when they dismount?” “Oh… yeah…”

Naturally, every hotdog place needs their poinsettias

For everyone full of “Christmas bah-fuckit” spirit