Is it just me or the holiday season makes religious nuts mushroom everywhere? (or is it just the rain?)

On Sunday morning I spent some time photographing people by Hallidie Plaza and the Powell cable car turnaround, and saw this otherwise normal-looking dude talking about Jesus in a very theatrical way. It was quite hard to follow his line of thinking, but the bottom line was (yes, you’ve guessed it), we’re all terrible sinners who need to repent during Christmas.

That same day I was lucky to meet Brad Evans, a great San Francisco photographer whose blog you should algo check out right now, City Snaps. One of his latest photos is a great shot of another regular of the Hallidie Plaza surroundings. His name is Solomua and he’s been preaching in the street for 15 years, with the mission of ridding the world of evil. Good luck with that, Solomua…

Then on Monday I saw this truck parading around Market and 6th street, with messages ranging from ‘Prepare to meet thy God’ to ‘Marriage is one man + one woman’ (on Monday the arguments for and against Prop. 8 were heard in federal court). I didn’t have my camera with me, and was too repulsed to chase them down with my phone camera. Fortunately Julie Michelle did, so you can see the group deliberating all their bovine stupidity (the photo has been cropped so you can see the sadness of the girl on the right side):