Thanks to our ever-growing Tender Calendar, we got word of a new temporary gallery in the neighborhood. It’s called Magic Carpet and it will operate during the next two weeks at 720 Geary, next to Angel Cafe on the corner with Leavenworth. That space has been vacant for so long, that we can’t even remember what was there before, so we welcome any action there. Even if it’s yet another art gallery. I guess one can never have too much art in life.

So tonight this pop-up gallery kicked off a special show they’ve titled ‘Musical chairs’ that will go until the 22nd. This temporary exhibit focuses on experiments in sound and music, and visual, films, and performance pieces that compliment the selected audio. For those in the know, the curator is Aimee Friberg of Gallery Extraña in Berkeley.

Tonight and the next two Wednesdays (December 15 and 22nd) the gallery is hosting performances that explore “the territory of the ethereal—by provoking cosmic, magical, and spirit based connections through sound and music based art experiences” (sic). I only caught the first performance of the three planned for tonight, by Bert Bergen, which used some cut outs props depicting cave formations and dramatic lighting, and all I can say is that it was weird and interesting. You can see the full schedule of the performances and the artists on their website.

In addition to these thought-provoking performances, the gallery will be open on the two Saturdays in between the performances (December 11 and 18) to see art, buy artist made gifts and “drink holiday beverages for the cosmically inclined site specific installations on rotation.”

So go take look before it’s gone. You’ll recognize it because it’s right by a red Muni bus shelter of the infamous 38 Geary.