After getting a bit of traffic to our announcement of the sudden shuttering of beloved Baguette Express (on Larkin, next door to Little Saigon Cafe), we received a few messages lamenting its demise and discussing the best bánh mì sandwiches in the neighborhood. We’re fortunate to have quite a few choices in this area, so we were wondering what your opinion is on the matter. Personally, we think Lee’s Sandwiches are at the bottom of the list, but we’re not so sure about our top choice. Saigon Sandwiches has received a lot of media blitz and is in lots of best of lists, but the long lines around lunch time makes it lose points (also, other people thought the ones at Baguette Express were better).

So we’ve asked around our circle of Tender friends, we’ve looked at this list compiled by a Chow reader and read this article over at The Bold Italic in search of the perfect bánh mì sandwich. But what say you, dear Tender readers, what are your favorites?

Of course, you can always build your own gourmet bánh mì sandwich