You guys already know how much we love the Heart of the City Farmers’ Market (cheesy name and all), so we like to feature it periodically. We typically go there once at least once a week, often on both days it takes place (Wednesday and Sunday). Sometimes we show up when it isn’t there, just to reminisce, but only sometimes. That put us in the mood for some photos from last week:

In case you can’t tell from the picture, these pomelos are gigantic and they are now in season. I have no idea what you’re suppose to do with these guys as they’re the size of my head, but they sure look photogenic (I’m especially fascinated by the pear-shaped ones).

Remember the protests against the sale of live poultry on the market’s premises? Well, live chickens are still being sold but now there’s a sign and a security guard somewhat separating the poultry truck from the rest of the market. It’s still the same location as before, next to the fountain, but at least they’re trying to keep the rest of the groceries from being in contact with the chicken business…

I was too embarrassed to photograph them frontally, but these women were wearing full-on burqas. Which made me wonder if they get ripped off by the aggressive ladies usually shopping at the market, the ones who take forever choosing all the best fruits and shoving elbows at other people trying to access the good stuff.