Dear beloved Loin,

As we now know, you are full of unpleasant smells, noise, prostitution and art students. But you also have an amazing creative and collaborative community. So in order to keep track of all our social obligations to you, we proudly introduce: The Tender Calendar.

The Idea:

  • To have a central place/calendar where tenderloinians (sic) can inform themselves about where to get drunk, listen to cool things or stare at art on walls.
  • To help all those lovely tenderloinians who plan events to know when other people are already busy with other social obligations such as getting drunk, listening to cool things or staring at art on walls, thus avoiding overlap and potential social carnage.
  • And we want to keep it local to the Loin in the hope that to strengthen our community artists, prostitutes, drug addicts and other citizens.

How it works:

  • For now, we will fill events ourselves from the top of our heads but ideally the community should get involved to help maintain it.
  • Local galleries, bars and any places that plan events that fit into the calendar’s philosophy should send in their list of planned events to be included in the calendar, and maybe eventually given access to fill them up themselves.
  • Anyone else who knows of an event that is not in the TenderCalendar can send it to

So now without further ado: Happy Birthday Tender Calendar! And have fun with it, y’all.