Every Monday we feature some of our favourite photos from The Tender’s Flickr pool, which is getting awesomer every day. If you, too, want to appear here, simply add your Tenderloin pictures to the group. It’s always hard to choose our favorites to feature, but this week was particularly hard since a couple of photographers we really like added a whole lot of their Tenderloin pictures taken over a long period of time (we’re looking at you, Troy Holden). We decided we’ll feature them on a separte post, so for now enjoy this selection from other photographers:

Artist Malcolm Drake by eudaimon (catching up)

Tenderloin Birds by Shaun Roberts

San Francisco 15 by Ben Soto

Goodyear tires by Erik Wilson

Distractions, if any by Jonathan Percy

Dragon dance by Reisha Olavario

Window glare by Mark Denton

Tenderloin Sunset by noodylicious

You wander up and down by Brandon Doran