While meandering about Flickr, I’ve been noticing for some time that there are a great many excellent pictures of the sign of the Hotel Boyd (now an SRO) on Jones at Golden Gate. Like many others in the Tenderloin, it’s a beautiful old sign, but it seems to get a lot more attention than others (except perhaps the sign of Woerner’s Cigar Store on Larkin). I don’t know if it’s because it’s next to one of the most beautiful buildings in the neighborhood, the Hibernia Bank, or because of its neon sign that lights up as a glowing red ember in the neighborhood, day or night. Whatever the reason, I’m constantly seeing beautiful photographs of this 1907 building.

Here’s a selection of some of my favorites:

By Julie Michelle

By Patrick Boury

By Troy Holden

By Stuart Dixon

By Thomas Hawk

By Victor Ramos

What are your favorites? Maybe you have others?