If I were to put up a picture of the Pope and put, “Asshole” as a title next to it with an article after it that talked about various assholes in the world, you wouldn’t help but infer I was lumping the current Pope in to that group, even if I didn’t mention his name in it. Hell, even just using this as an example now, you’d infer that I think the Pope is an asshole, but my personal feelings aside, there is nothing here that states that Pope = asshole. It’s just inferred.

As such, we’ve recently come across the website of a nonprofit group called, Because Justice Matters. Much like Save the Children, the name of the group is quite loaded as is their choice of photos in the rotating carousel on their home page. If you watch that carousel, you’ll see the sign for “les Nuits de Paris” on Taylor at Geary pop in there which is what the screenshot at the top is from. They don’t say anything about it. They just stick there. They do however have plenty to say about the Tenderloin though and sexual slavery/human trafficking in general given that that’s what they’re all about trying to fight. Of course, “empowering victims of trafficking and prostitution through manicure” has to be one of the most misguided things I’ve ever heard of next to sending fucking used underwear to Africa.

Now, I’m not going to defend “les Nuits de Paris” as being an up business and champion of rights. At the same time, I can’t level an accusation at them stating they’re a brothel with sex slaves working at it without some kind of explanation or proof (mainly because I simply don’t know). Even if you search the last 15 years of the Chron archives you find only one reference to it from 1998, in that the supervisors voted for a moratorium on new massage parlors in the Tenderloin. But in using that photo on their website in conjugation with all the content in regards to people literally being bought and sold throughout the world (which is sadly happening in greater abundance than ever) it directly infers that “les Nuits de Paris” is part of nefarious dealings (is it?).

(If you would like to see this sign photographed free of loaded wording, check out this old article of ours.)