It has been said that, “if you lost your suitcase, there is a good chance it can be found at Turk & Hyde”. This minihood that we are hereby calling, le Marché (as giving a French title to anything classes its ass up a bit) is typically the most wacky open air market anyone has ever seen (and I’m saying that after seeing the flea market that takes place under the main train tracks in Belgrade, Serbia). gdollub captures the randomness in a nice shot here. Of course, if you always wanted to haggle for a slightly-used hairbrush, original Nintendo accessories, and the finest of VHS offerings, this is the place for you. Let me emphasize that it differs a great deal from loinster sidewalk sales, such as this one, primarily in the fact that novelty dolls and futon mattresses are never part of the offer.

Whether you take it as conceptual art or your go-to (and very literal corner market) we should all hail the newest MiniTender of le Marché!