My general impression of second hand or vintage furniture stores in San Francisco is that they’re either extremely overpriced (one of a kind!) or if they’re cheap then they’re extremely crappy/grungy/falling apart. So although I only live a couple of blocks down from this amazing treasure trove that is Leftovers on Sutter (they have a 2nd store on Polk), I had never been inside the store. Lately, I started noticing a beautiful, fluffy black cat hanging out in their window displays. One day he was under a gorgeous deco-style lamp, like a statue. Another day he was curled up on a green faux-leather armchair. Fluffy cats with soft-looking bellies are irresistible to me, so about a week ago I ended up going in to meet Mr Black Fluffy Cat. At first he looked at me with evil, basement cat eyes, but he turned out to be very friendly and loved belly rubs. After a long session of pets, purring and posing for my phone camera I made my exit. But then Mr Friendly Basement Cat got up to hop on a huge, velvety couch and I realized that… he only had 3 legs! I immediately went back into the store and looked for the owner to find out more about such an interesting cat. Since then I’ve been to the store on an almost daily basis to get my much-needed dosage of fluff (and cool, affordable furniture. Lots of shopping temptashunz!). I’d almost say I’ve become *a bit* infatuated with the guy (ahem). His name is Birdie, by the way:

I also discovered that there are two more cute cats at Leftovers, but they usually stay in the office in the back. It turns out that the owner of Leftovers, Kelly, loves pets so she often fosters dogs and cats in need of care before getting adopted. She told me that Birdie lost his leg after falling out a window. The owners took him to the vet and when they were told that his leg would have to be amputated the next day, they left and never came back. Heartless people!

The other two cats are Lucy and Frankie.

Frankie, pictured above, is quite old and his story is amazing to say the least: his owner died in a fire a year ago but he managed to escape through a window although he broke his back in the process. He was brought to an animal shelter and there the vet discovered that he had cancer. When Kelly got him she was told he would live only a week or two more, and that she should just keep him company during his last days on earth. But… this was over a year ago! Frankie’s back was broken in such a way that it’s not painful for him and he can still manage to walk a little bit (albeit with difficulty). He’s a big lover, being the happiest when he’s held and pet. Then he purrs like a car engine and extends his legs around your neck, in a cat-hug. Awwww.

Last but not least, this pretty girl is Lucy. She’s very soft and furry, and still a young cat with a lot of love to give. And she’s up for adoption! Her story is also very heartwarming: she’s blind, probably from birth, and was found in a warehouse surrounded by broken glass from a window through which she had tried to escape. She probably got herself inside and couldn’t figure out how to exit, and hurt herself while trying to break the window. She was found several days later by a realtor who was showing the space, and found that Lucy was in serious need of water and food. Although she’s blind she can easily get around the house and loves attention, as well as playing with her toys.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting her, just drop by Leftovers at 1243 Sutter (between Polk & Van Ness). Also drop by if you just want to see these three happy guys and give them some pets. And the furniture is totally worth a visit too! Now enjoy this festival of cattery below: