So this morning as I was walking up Hyde street after a visit to the HOC Farmers’ Market, I ran into a dozen or so pieces of paper scattered around the sidewalk with puzzling messages written on them. The first one I saw was this one:

I thought it was one of the usual crazy messages one often sees around the neighborhood about religion or politics, but then I was intrigued by this:

So I thought, “oh, useful advice!” and kept on looking at the other pieces of paper. The next one was even more intriguing.

What the hell does Jane Seymour have to do with anything? I didn’t photograph each single piece of paper, but there a few others with just her name written on them, and a couple more with the addition of ‘medicine woman’ (I assume in reference to the TV show Dr Quinn).

So in addition to immigrants, musicians, artists and actors, is Praising the Lord (P.T.L.) also undesirable? This is all too complicated and makes me thankful for the truth that one finds in fresh produce.