Based on 60+ reader surveys collected during our last TenderNight event

  1. Drug dealers & drug/alcohol addicts (34 votes = 17 + 17)
  2. Poop, piss, barf or anything else normally contained in a body (25 votes = 19 + 6 + 5)
  3. Noise, especially those damn sirens (17 votes)
  4. Trash, dirty stuff in the streets (no, not people) (14 votes)
  5. Crime (theft, shootings, stabbings, arson, lack of police enforcement, seeing too many dead people) (13 votes)
  6. The homeless problem (aggressive panhandling + human misery and failing aid approach) (10 votes = 5 + 5)
  7. Bad smell from any number of wicked sources (10 votes)
  8. The wildlife (aggressive pigeons, rats, roaches, bedbugs, Tender authors before eating) (8 votes)
  9. The Academy of Art, ’nuff said (7 votes)
  10. People who hate the TL or No reasons to hate the TL (6 votes)

The full, un-edited list

  • Sticky streets/ Dirty streets/ Trash on the streets/ Needles on the sidewalks/ Fear of my dog eating drugs off the sidewalk/ Weird stains on the sidewalk/ A little too much grit for its own good/ It always looks so dirty that I’m embarrassed to invite people from other neighborhoods (or cities) to come visit (11 votes)
  • People always leave spare shoes around, but never a pair – booooo!
  • The lack of trees and all the crap that accumulates around the few trees that do exist
  • Lazy trash men
  • Chinese ladies digging through the garbage cans
  • The wildlife/ Rats/ Bugs/ Roaches/ Bedbugs/ Aggressive pigeons (8 votes)
  • Chronic prostitution/ Hookers (3 votes)
  • Toothless blowjobs
  • Titty bars
  • The drugs and drug trade/ Hustlers/ Open drug deals in every corner/ Crack/ OCs (17 votes)
  • Chronic drug abuse/ Druggies/ Junkies/ Crackheads, although sometimes they’re funny/ Junkies passed out and pissing on themselves (13 votes)
  • Crack addict renditions of James Brown at 6am
  • Chronic alcohol abuse/ Angry drunks (3 votes)
  • Asian man who wears lipstick up to his nose and talks to himself only half dressed
  • Reaks of human waste/ Bad odor/ Smell of urine/ Smell of piss and throwup/ Bodily fluid smell / Smells funny (10 votes)
  • Poop/ Fecal matter/ Human shit/ Way too much poop on the sidewalks/ All the good furniture you find on the street has poop in it/ We need serious potty training (19 votes)
  • Piss/ Urine (6 votes)
  • Dog owners who have a big problem with human piss but their dog’s piss is awesome
  • Barf on my door/ Fresh vomit on Sat & Sun mornings/ Party fowls (throw up) (5 votes)
  • Bad & lazy police (one threw cocaine rocks to homeless people) / Lack of law enforcement (3 votes)
  • Petty theft
  • Getting stabbed in a residence hotel
  • Stray gunfire/ midday shootings (2 votes)
  • I see too many dead people up close (2 votes)
  • The fires/ Idiots who set fire on heritage buildings (4 votes)
  • Human misery
  • The homeless problem/ Makes me feel bad about humanity/ The guilty feeling that inevitably comes when not able to help the plentitude of people who ask/ Witnessing despair (4 votes)
  • Random chinese schizo dude who brutally attacked me as i went about my shopping for lunch ingredients; his ilk generally
  • The constant aggression
  • Homeless begging/ Change hunters/ “Do you have change?” (4 votes)
  • The people who live on the Tenderloin (4 votes)
  • The noise/ Endless wall of siren, catcall, violence, motor vehicle, human in some sort of mental anguish – these things which make it near impossible for the sober fool to get a good tl sleep if not utterly exhausted (3 votes)
  • The traffic/ The cars (2 votes)
  • Honking taxis
  • Louder sirens than in any other neighborhood/ One emergency siren every 45 seconds/ 24 hour sirens on Geary/ Fire engines that siren for no reason / The amount of sirens going down Hyde and Ellis and how they seem to add the annoying “boop, boop” right when they pass my window (8 votes)
  • Noisy Cairo Nights (I live next door)/ Cairo Nights is loud, obnoxious, teenage (2 votes)
  • The garbage trucks
  • Hate?/ Not much to hate/ No reasons to hate the Loin/ I love the Loin! (4 votes)
  • All the people who hate the TL/ Outside perceptions of the TL (2 votes)
  • No real grocery store/ Overpriced corner grocery stores/ Expired groceries (4 votes)
  • Novelty sidewalk vendors
  • The Academy of Art/ Academy of Art dorms/ Academy of Art students/ Academy of Art ruining everything (7 votes)
  • Small dating pool/ Hard to have one-night stands: you keep running into each other! (2 votes)
  • Small apartments/ Apartments with no natural light (2 votes)
  • Lack of 2-bedroom apartments
  • Lack of parks
  • Idiot skateboarders
  • When the hipsters flood the Loin/ TenderNob hipsters on mopeds (2 votes)
  • All this “the next ‘it’ neighborhood” shit
  • It’s not the Mission
  • It’s not NYC
  • The hills
  • The fog
  • It’s cold
  • The energy at night (2 votes)
  • No good pizza except Victor’s
  • No good Mexican restaurants
  • Too much Asian food
  • Tagging kids
  • Things cost money
  • Lack of safe places to bike
  • The 38 Geary bus
  • Hyde street
  • Union Square
  • Having your friend’s car turning into a bench of squallor
  • Is it just me, or is Post street extra dark?
  • The bridge & tunnel barhoppers/ On the weekends now my part of the hood is overrun with douchetastic partiers from neighborhoods unknown, hollering and peeing and vomiting and desperately trying to hook up with each other for the night. I was OK with the neighborhood peeps doing these things, but now that there are hundreds of people traveling to the TL specifically to act a fool and trash a neighborhood they have no investment in, it becomes quite irritating (2 votes)
  • Fashionable ghetto
  • The tourists
  • It takes some thick skin, common sense and a sense of humor to appreciate it
  • Shalimar
  • Harringtons
  • Chunky’s Taqueria (almost always makes me feel sick, but where i frequently eat when intoxicated, having forgotten how much i dislike it).