• Have a happy Monday back, y’all! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving. If you have any pictures or stories of celebrating it in the Tenderloin, send them our way!
  • A charity group of “spiritually motivated people” came to the Civic Center for Thanksgiving to hand out some food and clothes, while photographing every minute of it. [Wednesday’s Gift]
  • The owners of Little Saigon Cafe are looking for a street-level space to rent in the neighborhood to store their wares and food for their farmers’ market Happy Dumplings alter ego. [Contact Little Saigon Cafe/Happy Dumplings]
  • President of the International Sisterhood of Jigsaw Sweater Proponents passes sex club. [The Tens]
  • Why there are no movies about the ghosts at City Hall. [Not so serious]
  • The owners of Mighty are apparently working on a new, as yet unnamed concept in the former Bambuddha Lounge space at the Phoenix Hotel. We’re not holding our breath. Wait, that’s at Eddy & Larkin? Oh right, we are… [Grubstreet SF]

Thanksgiving meal photo by Armazi, from our Flickr pool