From time to time, change is good. So we present you with the new look for The Tender: your daily cut of the loin, with a new name and a new homepage layout. Yeah, we dropped “blog” from the official name. Why? Well, what started as a little hobby about a year and a half ago has grown into a a full-scale portal and community for what we still think is the greatest neighborhood in San Francisco. Also, after meeting many of our you at the last TenderNight happy hour, we felt like we needed to step it up just a notch, so here you go, notch stepped.

The design also changed a bit. For quite some time, we’ve been wanting to have a bit more stick to our articles that are more than just talking about broken windows or abandoned shoes. So we worked up this homepage where the newest article appears up top and a few categories we want to hang around for a bit are down below. It’s kinda like an inverse mullet: fun up top, business in the back. Of course, if you want to view all the articles like before, you can still reach them here or go really crazy and subscribe to our feed.

Sure, other small things will change from time to time and we’re bound to tweak what we’ve got here. If you have any ideas on how to keep improving this site (other than where we can stick our heads), feel free to chime in on the comments below.