After a couple of days away from tenderblogging due to food coma, we’re bringing you a little cute sausage that we received in our inbox as a Thanksgiving gift. Meet Ruby:

This gorgeous lady lives on O’Farrell and Leavenworth with her owner Liza, and they like frequent Hooker’s Sweet Treats, Angel Cafe and Olive Bar. Ruby is 7. Liza met her in Hayes Valley four years ago.

A man was walking her with her boyfriend Doxie “Augie.” Liza recalls walking up the dog owner and asking him where he got the lady redhead. He said that she was going up for adoption the following week as he could no longer keep her. Liza asked him if she could have her. “It was love at first sight”, she says. Awwwww.

Liza says that her hobbies include cooking, attending the SF ballet, playing guitar, fashion design, sewing and obviously photography as that’s partly how she makes a living (she photographed, for example, this week’s kitteh of the week Henry). She says Ruby’s hobbies include getting lots of belly rubs, sleeping under loads of covers and begging for bones. And apparently world domination, based on this photo in which she looks more like an evil basement cat rather than the adorable cutie we met this morning at Hooker’s.

Reminder: you can submit pictures of your very own fabulous cats or dogs to be featured here and become neighborhood celebrities.

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