OMG! Sound those air raid siren things we hear ever Tuesday at noon! You will not believe it Tender readers, but CBS5 News reports that OC (or ‘Hillbilly Heroin’, as they call it) dealing is on the rise A RAMPAGE! in the Tenderloin. Yes, our whole neighborhood from Market to Van Ness Mason to Geary-Bushish (however you draw that border) is awash in illicit, non-prescription sales of prescription medications.

Oh wait, it’s just the intersection of Leavenworth and Golden Gate? But, that’s not the whole neighborhood, that’s one corner. Ah, oh… I get it now, it’s just a small section of the neighborhood. This would be like if I said that SOMA was going to shit because of Sixth Street or that the Mission was in the midst of a prostitution epidemic because of Capp street. Maybe they could have clarified that it’s just this block allegedly called “Pill Hill” (seriously?) of the Tenderloin. I know, I know, that would be nuanced reporting about this neighborhood and that’s just not done. Or like a commenter on SFist put it:

Thanks CBS5: it’s heartwarming to have a hyped-up drug story to be thankful for this time of year. Pass the candied yams please.

Of course for anyone who, like me, walks up and down Leavenworth almost daily, this is not news. Well, it might have been news if it had been written a couple of years ago or more. It also might have been news if the author of the article was aware that the wad of thugs dealing this actually shift a bit, drifting up to Turk or Eddy and back down. Again, that means work and if you’ve got a sensational headline ready to go, you’re just going to run with that. I mean, why bother, it’s the Tenderloin! This article was DOP–Dead on Publication long before it was even dreamed up. Although it is true that there is a complete lack of interest/cohesion in SFPD and DA to actually do anything about the blatant drug-dealing problem (in spite of the occasional TSA-style patdowns).

Some police action on 'Pill Hill'