We mentioned before that farm:table‘s clientele seems to be made entirely of very hip and fashionable people. Now one of their regulars, Saschka Unseld has volunteered (or, more accurately, has been coerced into) being our brand new foreign fashion correspondent.

There seems to be an ongoing confusion among locals as to what foot attire might be appropriate for this “un-Californian” weather. To give guidance and warning to our neighbors in need, our new correspondent documented some of the locals’ boot choices he encountered over the weekend.

Rain may fall, but that is no way an excuse to be unfashionable in the Loin. And right you are my dear leopard lady. “Here I am,” you scream “look at me!” you shout. “Part fierce animal, part girly purse! Deal with it!”

Now this is pure genius. Not only does it give you the clout of the brave San Francisco firefighters with all their noisy cars, it also extends your constitutional
right to jump into puddles to extinguish fires.

A fleeting sense of class conflict is emerging. The winner has yet to be announced but what does it matter. Despite the public outcry, UGG is on the rise. But
one has to ask oneself, what good does a warm foot do if your leg is a frozen piece of dead meat?

I have found her. My rebel, my icon, my shining beacon of stubbornness. Thank god for the rebels. Swimming against conformity, putting one’s ideals (and
health) above reality. For us, you are sacrificing yourself. You deny reality and act upon the things we all wish were true.