For those of you who know, love and style up farm:table on Post Street, you may or may not be aware that they’ve applied through the Pavement to Parks program to bring a “parklet” to the front of their establishment. We’re all for this initiative as it’s grassroots, created and funded by those it directly affects, and works to make our dense city areas more livable and sane. This would also be the first parklet in the Tenderloin/Nob neighborhood.

There are some people who are against this, though. Maybe it’s due to the loss of one or at most, two parking spaces. Maybe it’s the potential for noise, which um, is that something someone in downtown could be annoyed by? Maybe it could also be the belief that a private business is grabbing “public land” unfairly. But, here’s the thing: these parklets are granted conditional use. The people that sponsor them have no claim to the space where they’re constructed. They’re temporary and most of all, they’re for the general public. Yes, it’s true that a business such as farm:table can get more outdoor seating from the deal, but at the same time, they provide more non-transient street space that we can all enjoy in a town that’s damned near criminal in its lack of benches and any kind of outdoor spaces.

I got in to all this to say that two people out of the entire neighborhood (who are a couple and decided to remain anonymous) voice objection to the permit granting the parklet to farm:table. I guess they have their reasons for whatever that’s worth, but now those who support this parklet need to speak up in favor of it. If you want to see this go through (not just for the seating at farm:table, but also to increase our sorely lacking outdoor leisure space) then sign this petition and mail it in to the address provided on the letter.