Calling this tall and imposing Cornish Rex a kitteh seems a bit inappropriate, but that’s the name of our weekly feature so we kept it. His name is Henry, but I would almost call him Lord Henry or at least Sir Henry. Just look at him, doesn’t he look like the pet of an emperor or a very important person? Not quite, but still his owner is one of our favorite Tenderloin bloggers over at A beast in the jungle and a very tasteful man who counts classical music as his many interests.

He tells us that his original name was Bandit, which he thought was ridiculous (we agree), so he named him Henry after the writer Henry James (Beethoven could have been a suitable name too). He adopted him from the Cornish Rex Friends rescue group for mysterious reasons about 5 years ago. He claims that Henry is very much a lap cat and likes to sit on people’s shoulders. Apparently he’s also very playful and curious. If we ever get to meet him we’ll report back, but right now we’re just intimidated. Even though he looks much less imposin in this second picture (somewhat).

Photo by Liza Heider

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