As most of you faithful tender readers know, last night we had our 2nd TenderNight happy hour at what’s probably our favorite bar in the neighborhood, Koko Cocktails. So we were beyond stoked to have lots of our favorite people in the neighborhood and in the city gathered in our favorite bar. The majority of which took the time to write down their most loved and hated things in the Tenderloin which we are rounding up at this very moment for two epic posts that you will all adore (sneak peak: there will be poo). We can’t really take credit for everyone’s enthusiasm in diligently filling out the forms, because it was obviously due to our awesome sponsors who donated some cool freebies in appreciation for your love for the neighborhood. Thank you guys!

The coveted zero waste Rickshaw bag went to Generik11, one of the Soapy Soaps bag went to a guy named Cesar, the other one to brand new UK transplant Sam who writes at Letters from San Franciso, the happy dumplings from Little Saigon Cafe went to a blond guy named James (coincidentally the cafe is run by a blond guy named James, true story!) and the 24H Fitness trial card went to Schroedenator who blogs at The Dumpster of Life.

Unfortunately the person who won the salted chocolate caramels from Hooker’s Sweet Treats didn’t leave a name in the form and we couldn’t identify her, so at the end of the night we did another draw and the winner ended up being… Jen Woodfield! So Jen, if you’re reading this contact us so we can give you your prize–it’s delicious. Also, we forgot to announce the winner of an exclusive, limited-edition, Tenderblog t-shirt printed by the good folks at theloin. It goes to… drumroll… Selena! (who likes Hemlock on weekdays and the Brown Jug on weekends, classy girl). So again, contact us to claim your prize or we’ll have to give them to someone else.

Thank you all for coming and for your support, we had a great night and we hope you did too (even if you went home prize-less). From the top of my head, here are some of the illustrious folks who joined the TenderNight (in addition to the aforementioned winners of freebies above): reallytallchris from Rickshaw Bags, Jeff & Manny from theloin, Darryl of the Tenderloin National Forest, Dave aka Hooker, Matt aka Stool Boy/Hooker Boy (he’s a regular) & his neighbor Oscar, Jeff, Eugenia & Tara of Muni Diaries, Alyssa Jones, OhDottie, Ray and Keiko of Kokoro Studio, Ariel Dovas aka eviloars, supertamsf, mural artist D Young V, cwoodfield, theCara, saschkaunseld aka narf, SFvsr, ninafrazier who writes at Loin Life, Madgity, jasongitlin, goodpotatoes, Luk_e29, MyFrankoComplex, our downstairs neighbor Eugene, and our building manager Oliver.

We’re still recovering from the nearly a dozen+ delicious Geary Gimlets we had last night (although I was only responsible for two of those and hiphapa probably only half of one, while the rest were inhaled by humin which explains why his photos weren’t the clearest), so forgive us if we forget to mention something interesting that happened last night or some of you awesome tendernighters.

Also, check out Alyssa Jones’s “coverage” of the night with a few pictures as crappy as ours below (shooting in dark bars sucks!). And Generik11 posted a picture of our smashed cupcakes from Mission Minis, Dottie’s fancy purse, and the bar (w/Dottie’s back).

Hopefully we’ll see you all again (or those of you who missed this one due to the SF eventgasm happening this week) sometime in later February at the next one!