Photo by Armazi

Photo by Armazi, from the Tenderblog pool

The Chron managed to squeeze out some news and reported an update about the woman who was killed at the corner of Geary & Leavenworth two days ago. Still no photo of course, as that’s apparently something only bloggers do…

To summarize, they stated that the 65 year-old woman, identified as Nu Ha Dam and a local resident (she lived only two blocks away), was indeed in the crosswalk and that the shuttle hit her there, stopped, backed up, and may have morbidly run over her again. So, to the various commentors who were suggesting that she was an addict running across the street to shoot up: shove it. She was a regular, innocent pedestrian hit by a shuttle driver who, having driven for UCSF for three years, knows this route and should have been much, much more attentive. This could have been any of us who live here and walk places.

One thing that wasn’t mentioned in the Chron article, was that the woman walked with a cane and was hit incredibly hard by the vehicle. We only found out after talking to the owner of a business on that block last night on our way back from TenderNights. His wife is a doctor and as they were at Angel Cafe getting a coffee when it happened, he told us she was the first responder on the scene. He told us his version of the story (the vehicle turned at too high speed without paying enough attention) coincided with two ladies who were sitting on Angel Cafe’s outdoor tables and had an even better view. I’ll save you going in to all the gory details, but it was apparently very nasty and had any of us been hit in that way, despite the age, we would have been a sad statistic as well.

Hopefully from this senseless death and all the others (of which there have been many in the streets of this city), people will start addressing the cause of the problem which could be easily dealt with by making it illegal to turn on a red light (and I’m not the only one thinking this way). Although that wouldn’t have helped in this case, it would get people in the habit of paying attention to intersections more (and particularly paying attention to pedestrians and not just to the cars). Also, eventually reverting all the streets in the Tenderoin back to two-way traffic would not only make them no end of safer, but also bring them back to being neighborhood-oriented as opposed to just being the speedway boulevards for people to drive to other neighborhoods while sneering at the “weirdos”.