Oh yes, the TenderNight love/hate happy hour is indeed on tonight and we got word of the drink specials for those who want a tipple at our fantastical hosts tonight, Koko Cocktails:

  • $3 well drinks
  • $3 draft beers
  • $2 PBR
  • $2 Modelo
  • Drumroll please: $4 Geary Gimlets!

There’s a little something for everyone (including non-alcoholic drinks) and all specials run until 8PM, although we’ll probably stick around for at least another hour for those of you with late-ending jobs. Tender neighbors and sympathizers, we want to meet as many of you as we can!

Oh and in case you missed it, to celebrate the new customization tool in their website Rickshaw Bagworks has even added one of their fabulous messenger bags in as a prize for the TenderTombola drawing. We’ll have entry forms there for you to write your top reasons to love/hate the Tenderloin. Bring a pen and your “win-face” which ironically will probably look a lot like your “I’ve-had-five-Geary-Gimlets-face” (or five Diet Cokes).

Really looking forward to seeing y’all!