There has been a bit of an explosion in the local street fish population as of late in the Tenderloin and TenderNob. On Sutter between Leavenworth and Hyde as well as on Post between Jones and Leavenworth, a large pile of graffiti fish have been put down for what I suppose is the neighborhood’s enjoyment. I admit that they are pretty well done and give the effect of walking upon schools of meandering koi, although the owners of the buildings they’re in front of might have different ideas. Who knows.

Anyways, below is a gallery of our new local friends who have also been seen at O’Farrell, Page & Buchanan, Fillmore & Haight, 6th & Howard, as well as somewhere in SOMA. The artist appears to be Jeremy Novy who went about replicating them after enjoying their tranquility on a trip to China. Naturally, if anyone has more info, please chime in.