In a month packed with cool events and a week in which every day is a huge dilemma of which happy hour to attend (except for tomorrow, of course, you didn’t even doubt for a second that you’re going to come to our TenderNight, did you?), here’s where you should head to tonight: to the Muni Time Capsule! Actually, to the Muni Time Capsule kickoff party over at SOMArts, since the actual capsule is here. The Muni Diaries guys will be recording your stories for the time capsule all evening, whether it’s audio, video, text, or whatever your come up with, under a real Muni shelter (creepy dude on the middle seat not included).

We say you should go there not only because Muni is probably the thing we love to hate the most (and believe it or not, we do our share of hating), but also because it’s part of Julie Michelle’s “I live here: SF” ultra-cool month-long exhibit. And there will be food carts!

From the Muni Diaries event description:

Say hello to Muni Time Capsule, a digital archive of transit ephemera from days gone by. We know that public transportation is an essential experience in our urban life in San Francisco, so what was Muni like before the present time?

The idea for Muni Time Capsule started when one day, Jeff’s former co-worker walked into the office with a box of Muni memorabilia. Inside were old schedules, service change pamphlets (sometimes for service increases, if you can believe it), maps, photos, and various ephemera that we couldn’t believe we were lucky enough to see.

You’ll see some of the great items from the box on the site, but that’s not all. As with Muni Diaries, Muni Time Capsule is a collaborative process. This is a place where you can help build a digital time capsule of life on public transit in San Francisco, and a place for you to share your favorite images and stories of Muni from back in the day.

We’re celebrating Muni Time Capsule and our collective love for the city today at the Muni Diaries and “I Live Here:SF” Happy Hour at SOMArts, 5-8 p.m.. There will be food carts, drinks, amazing photography and art, and you can even write your own Muni story and caption your own Muni cartoons. So, please, meander over to Muni Time Capsule, take a look around, and we will see you this evening!

We don’t know for sure if Eugenia will be dressed like a movie star tonight, but we’re pretty positive about Jeff wearing his Fast Pass hoodie. Just leave your urine colognes at home. No need to be too authentic…