So, you had that itching, annoying thought along the lines of, “Huh. Was there a happy hour I needed to attend this Thursday, the 18th from 6-8PM at Koko Cocktails, or was there not?” Well, there is, our happy hour, TenderNights: DrinkUp. It’s sorta like the last one, except with more boozin’ (optional) and chillin’ (mandatory). Oh… and the TenderTombola.

Just in case dropping your hard-earned scratch on mighty tasty cocktails amidst the company of your dear Tenderbloggers (some might say internet quasi-celebrities) is not enough, we’re raffling off a slew of prizes from some of our favorite local businesses (nearly all in the Loin) including:

You might ask, “Ah dear sirs, but as to the cost of such an appealing TenderTombola?” To gain entry, all we ask is for people to write down what they hate and what they love about The Tenderloin, similar to what 40 going on 28 wrote recently with 50 reasons to love San Francisco and 30 reasons to hate San Francisco. After the events, we’ll be writing a crowdsourced list about the neighborhood with your wisdom bits. So, it’s really a win-win. You get to speak your mind (bitch/praise), get published in this super-popular blog, and possibly win a great deal of local awesomeness.

So, we hope to see you Thursday before we all disappear beneath the social death shroud that is the holidays. Our friends from “the loin” will also be in attendance, selling their local apparel for all your loinster needs, and the rapidly growing snowball of local fame Alyssa Jones as well as the wonderfully-fantastic Julie Michelle will enhance the ambiance with a slideshow of their Tenderloin photography. And as if all this wasn’t enough, Justin at Koko’s is creating a cocktail special for the evening to ease the wallet strain for those in a drinking mood. Tell us you’ll be there on the event page or don’t. Your call. Just stop on by and gossip with us for a couple of hours before we get too drunk to bitch about those darned kids makin’ all the racket on the streets these days! *

* We would have to be unconscious or dead for that to be possible.