When (not if, obviously) you go to Hooker’s Sweet Treats on Hyde, you might have already met this lovely lady named Page. Her owner is a frequent customer, a Tender friend and an occasional barista/baking assistant. Also, according to Yelpers he’s as cute as his dog, but we wouldn’t know as we don’t judge people by their appearance (that’s a lie, we just want you to come check for yourself at our TenderNight happy hour on Thursday, as he’ll be there).

As you can see, Page really knows how to use her ears to express herself, although she tends to prefer assertive barks. That’s what happens when you’re little, you have to constantly remind people who the boss is. Sometimes this means trying to expand the French Empire and other times it just means barking at every camera click.

If you want your own doggie to love and to protect you from strangers with cameras, take a look at all these little adoptable fellas at the SPCA website.