• Are you an artist? Do you live in the Tenderloin? This brand new Meetup group is for you! The next meeting is tomorrow at noon, so hurry up. [The Tenderloin Artists Meetup Group]
  • Terry Helbing, known as “The Tenderloin Art Thief” is back in court, facing 38 additional felony counts relating to alleged art theft. [The Snitch]
  • Did you know that from 1967 to 1984 there was a little pocket of Greek cuisine and culture in the Tenderloin? [Up from the Deep]
  • Blogger takes a stroll down Hyde Street early in the morning, takes pictures [Loin Life]
  • The San Francisco War Memorial Opera House and the Veterans Building were built in the 1920s, but no actual memorial was ever built. On Wednesday, a $2 million commissioning process that starts with a competition was announced. [SF Civic Center Blog]
  • Speaking of veterans, since yesterday was Veteran’s Day our friend Julie Michelle decided to spend her birthday volunteering at the St Anthony’s dining room where roughly 25% of the meals served daily are served to veterans. (Interestingly, one of the diners was very surprised to find out that Julie lives in San Francisco, which I think says a lot about the charity industry in the Tenderloin.) [Julie lives here]

Photo of charity food distribution by Armazi, from the The Tender’s Flickr pool