A few weeks ago I noticed a new mural by Space Gallery on Polk street, in a wall that might follow the Heist’s wall system of displaying works by the artists in the gallery to promote people to visit the inside. I recognized the right side as being a joint piece by D Young V and Eddie Colla, but I wasn’t sure about the left side so I ended up not posting about it here. Last week, while they were making a similar piece at 606 Ellis, D and Eddie informed me that the other half of this mural is by Jesse Hazelip. Looking at Jesse’s website I realized I had already seen his artwork around San Francisco, especially the buffalo bombers. But somehow I forgot to post the pictures once again. Eddie Colla’s show at Ma•velous reminded me about it once again.

Now I see that I have several pictures of the mural, as people kept walking by and it was hard to photograph only the wall.

I don’t know why I was waiting for the mural to be clear of people, as I usually prefer to take pictures of them with somebody passing by. In fact, even when there’s no mural, one of my favorite things to photograph when I travel or I’m in a new place is people passing in front of walls. There’s something about the stillness of a building (which might have been there for decades, or even centuries) and the motion of someone going somewhere, that appeals to my imagination. It connects the permanent with the ordinary, time and place.

But say you, tender readers, when you look at a picture of a building or of a wall with artwork, does it distract you to see people walking by? Do you like the first picture or the other ones more?