Gallery Heist is one of the handful new, cool art galleries that have popped up in the neighborhood in the last couple of years. And it’s probably the smallest, but just in size. It’s on Geary between Leavenworth and Jones, right across the street from another small gallery that we love and which also turned one recently, Kokoro Studio.

We love all the exhibits Heist has had so far, and the fact that they use the wall behind the 27 bus shelter on Leavenworth at Geary to promote their shows. But most of all, we love that the owner (Julianne Yates) is a woman, young, hip and totally into being in the Tenderloin. If you don’t believe us, watch this great video that Asterisk Magazine shot of her talking about how great this hood is and which was part of a feature on the Tenderloin that you should totally check out):

For all these reasons, we wish Heist a happy first birthday! And if you’d like to celebrate it too, they’re having a big party tomorrow night at a special (bigger) space they found for the occasion, at 1036 Hyde Street. This space will hold an group exhibit until November 27, including paintings, photographs, mixed media works, video, an installation and a performance piece, as well as musical performances (you can see the full list of artists here). So see you tomorrow at the party!