At Ma•velous (which had a grand, er soft er, well, some kind of opening last week) they had an opening reception for Eddie Colla‘s “My Life“. (Eddie invited us to the event when evarels was checking out his 606 Ellis work last week and became a fan.) “My Life” is a striking mural across one whole wall of the space that folks should really check out as it is a really cool way to integrate street art with interior decoration. It gives the place a very special atmosphere.

For those who have yet to see all that’s Ma and velous, it’s slick, it’s cool, and naturally, it’s been covered by others long before we got on the scene. A little bit coffee house and a little bit wine bar, it seems like it’s going to fill the void left by CAV and move that show a few blocks up the street to our jolly good hood on Market at Polk.

Given the very, very slick interior that meshes the old building with a modern interior, we’ll warrant a guess that it’s going to attract a lot more folks from City Hall than the dearly-departing Daly’s Hoodog Bang Bang Saloon or whatever that thing’s called. It’s also rounding out the block nicely by joining Lunch Geek next door.

We welcome this fine establishment to our hood and do our best to buy shmancy coffee or a glass of the vino whenever able and we’re happy to see them promoting the local artists in the hood as well. So we’ll be back, dear Ma•velous.