Last Thursday we went to an art show at a hair salon, and tonight we went to another art show in another hair salon a mere block away. It looks like this is becoming the new cool thing to do on Thursdays (or we’ve just started noticing it, we’re not very cool).

So this Thursday the show was at the Public Barber Salon on 571 Geary, and it was photography by a whole bunch of talented local photographers under thte title “San Francisco After Dark” (the full list is: Dottie L. Guy, Seth Restaino, Jeremy Brooks, Cindy Loughridge, Pei Ketron, Patrick Power, Chris Connolly, Allen Passalaqua). We had never been to that salon (as I said last week, we mostly avoid them), but we were quite impressed. And, unlike most shows lately, they actually had free beer!

We only stayed for a few minutes as we had other commitments, I can say that the place was packed. And not just with random Loinsters, but by many well-known Flickerers, Twitterers and all-around fabulous people. My only complain about the show would be that, since it was happening in this neighborhood and not the Mission or somewhere else, why didn’t I recognize any pictures of the Tenderloin after dark.