Just next to the heart of the Tenderloin sits this rather large microhood that was once known for its gambling houses and madame parlors, and which today contains the swanky shops, chain department stores and other retail establishments of the Tenderloin. Full of percussionists, performance artists and panhandlers to give visitors an authentic “taste” of San Francisco, this area has historically been a core part of the Tenderloin, being the terminus of the Powell Street Cable Car line that allowed the hoit and the toit up on the hills easy access to the entertainment on offer in the Tenderloin.

While Union Square is often confused as being a “neighborhood”, this enjoyable Tenderloin East park is an excellent place to go to people watch during San Francisco’s endless summers winters late-autumns. Tenderloin East also acts as a wonderful transitional neighborhood in to the high rise zaniness of the Financial District. Additionally, it’s the home of the high society magazine, 7×7 who are one of the greater Tenderloin’s most prolific publications and ad outlets.

All hail the MiniTender of Tenderloin East!