It appears that my beloved neighborhood ruin of 907 Post Street is on the market for $700,000 (which can buy you a town in other places). I love this place as I’ve mentioned before and (prior to Jane Kim appearing to have won D6) if my lottery-winning plans were actually working, I would have swooped it up, restored it, and opened a proper co-working/office space on the second floor with cafe on the first.

Alas, I do not have this kind of money and it appears that the owner (who according to records lives in Ashbury Heights) does not either. It could also be the case that the owner is looking to make a tidy profit on the sale given that the last price paid for it in February of 2000 was $224,000.

Let’s be honest though, it needs a lot of work. It was heavily damaged in 1994 by an explosion (oh how I yearn for those distant days when the Chronicle had actual news). I’m going to guess that it would also need seismic retrofitting as well. And once Chris Daly II takes office in January, any new owner would probably be forced to have a needle exchange program in the corner of whatever commercial space they would try to open there.

There are a lot of loose ends when it comes to what can be done with the building though as the records have a variety of blanks spots, such as the date of original construction. I’ve read that it’s historic and thus can’t be torn down, which would be dandy good if true. Of course, you never know what could happen and given that the lot is designated to allow buildings up to 80 feet tall and with a 1,224 square foot lot size, I’m sure, given the amount of work that the building needs, a developer would happily demolish it to build modern condos on the space with parking entry on Meacham Alley like 645 and 647 Hyde have.

We’ll see what actually happens to this building. Nothing is selling terribly fast in the current real estate market, so I’m sure it will get to rot a bit more before getting picked up and headed in to a foggy future.