At the Indian Summer party, in true San Francisco fashion, the weather decided to wear its “fuck you” shirt that day. Also apparently frontin’ the “fuck you” style was the SFPD.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the police in SF have a pretty crappy job. No one likes them and no matter what they do, someone (especially in this town) is going to get pissed at them and ultimately probably sue them. That said, their approach to the music at the Indian Summer gig wasn’t the best and the brightest. Yes, the music was loud and yes, a citation was deserved to be given (the music could easily be heard beyond the property limits), but it all could have been done in a much more proactive manner to maintain a level of understanding with those who live in the neighborhood.

Apparently, the cops came by the party a total of three times. It was on the third visit that they finally decided to issue a “disturbing the peace” citation to the owners of the home (who have had the cops storm in on a separate occasion with guns drawn) in the amount of $2,000 who then announced to all those in attendance that things really needed to be shut down quickly. This, is bullshit, especially when you read how California Penal Code 415 (nice number) is enforced:

…shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail for a period of not more than 90 days, a fine of not more than four hundred dollars ($400), or both such imprisonment and fine…

Now, it appears that the SF law soften the state laws, but what makes this painfully screwy is that it basically appears the cops decided to enforce the law this time as they could collect money on it. When it comes to a local coffee shop that we know and love, they decide that if a random nutjob in the neighborhood runs in and assaults one of the staff, this transgression not only requires two calls to get them to come from their station two blocks away, but also that charges don’t need to be pressed.

Then of course, there is the absolute, David Lynch surrealism in issuing such a ticket in such an amount in the Tenderloin!!! I mean, on my walk home from the party, I was offered both OC’s and a “good time” had I been “looking for it”. You want to think better of SFPD, but after this and numerous theft incidents that have happened to me this year where they wouldn’t even let me fill out a report, you wonder what our local blue bacon is really doing besides fattening up their pensions?