Remember we told you about this epic Indian Summer party happening at 606 Ellis yesterday all day? Yes, the same party for which the owners got a great mural on the front yard by local artists. Obviously, we had to check it out and ended up meeting lots of friends and familiar faces besides the owners Keiko and Ray. Artists Hugh Leeman and D Young V were there, as well as a couple others who have had exhibits at Kokoro Studio. We also saw tenderneighbors Matt and Oscar who live above Hooker’s, Sue May (whom we met and interviewed last week for the Tenderlocal series) and her building manager, as well as the always entertaining Alyssa Jones (who, by the way, brought a huge bag of tea that mysteriously disappeared at the end of the night).

Here are a few pictures for those of you who didn’t make it (we’re looking at you, @reallytallchris) to enjoy: