There’s really nothing new in waxing poetic about Lahore Karahi down on O’Farrell at Leavenworth. I mean, it’s by no means a new find, but that doesn’t mean that one can’t put up photos of what we feel to be the best Indian/Pakistani food in the hood. We try to go there as often as we can and were surprised to find that we’ve never really talked directly about this spice oasis.

From the naan to the aloo gobi to the, oh… whatever else, you really can’t go wrong with any of the dishes. Yes, they may take some time to get to you when it’s busy, but that’s okay as it’s delicious and each one is made to order. This is a far cry from a lesser, nearby joint specializing only in Indian food where they pull out frozen sauces, microwave them and toss them on your dish. If I wanted that, I do know how to take the 27 to Trader Joe’s.

Lahore Karahi is about the freshness and you can taste the time and care that Guddu puts in to each dish. And needless to say, he’s quite a nice guy as well.

But, what is the best dish on the menu? I haven’t any idea. I’ve never been let down by any of them, even the lamb, which I usually hate having grown up butchering them and eating far more lamb burgers than anyone rightfully ever should. Be warned that the dishes are spicy (as they should be), so come prepared or emphasize that your tongue is too “gringo” to handle the heat. Play your cards right though and you’ll probably end up with a detritus of dishes that looks similar to this: