• The Great Urban Hack SF: Tenderloin” is happening this weekend at GAFFTA, Saturday & Sunday from 9am to 6pm. Obviously, it’s too late to check it out today, but you can follow it on Twitter via #hhtenderloin. It seems that some of the workshops involved going around the neighborhood asking people questions about their needs, so if you saw groups of geeky looking people taking pictures and gasping at the “diceyness” of the neighborhood, now you know what they were doing.
  • Gallery 941 Geary is hosting a “Fuck you all” party tonight, for the exhibit of the same title featuring photographs by Glen E. Friedman. Friedman is known for documenting the hip hop, skate and punk cultures, and the show will display collaborations with Shepard Fairey, which will be displayed along with the original photographs for the first time. From 6 to 9pm. Be forewarned that everyone in the art scene will be there.
  • The Indian Summer Party at 606 Ellis, will be running almost all day (from noon to midnight). Yes, it’s the same house where Hugh Leeman, D Young V and Eddie Colla put up an amazing mural yesterday. And the owners even built a teepee. Of course, we’ll be there. Oh, and don’t forget the time change – we’re gaining an hour. So party like you’ve got 25 hours to spare!

    Get your loin cloths on for a pow wow in the TL NOV 7TH!!
    Join us for a truly END of the summer PARTY

    Teepee village, sweat lodge, casino, roasted pigs, Crazy-Whores, VIP room, Dreamcatchers, POKE A HOT ASS games, RAINDANCING, healing circle, taco trucks, and a BURNING OF THE BITCHES/WET T-SHIRT CONTEST!!!

    Tribal garb is suggested, please think puritan, dot or feather, turkey, bollywood. etc…
    Columbus douchebags welcome!

    Tribal House DJs, Peace pipes and more… BYOP(eyote)

    $5 Wampum at the door for keg