Thanks to having met Hugh Leeman last week for our TenderLocal series, he invited me to hang out with him and two friends with whom he often collaborates to document the creation of a big mural at 660 Ellis (between Hyde and Larkin). So thanks to him, I got to meet two other street artists I really like, D Young V (who we’ll be featuring soon here) and Eddie Colla. Lucky me.

In case you haven’t noticed the little house at 606 Ellis when walking down that block, it’s really a rarity: not just because it’s one of only four existing single-family homes in the Tenderloin, but it’s also the only one that has a front yard. Apparently there used to be a 100-year old, majestic tree on that yard but sadly it was cut off a couple of years ago for reasons that are somehow unclear. That was before the current owners bought the house, and since they own an art gallery (Kokoro Studio on Geary) they asked a few artists to decorate the big wall on the yard for a big party they’re throwing tomorrow. You’re all invited, by the way (we’ll post the details in a few minutes).

So on the right above you can see a photo montage of Hugh putting up his mural of local Tenderloiner Kenny (click to see bigger), and below you can see Eddie Colla and David Young V working on their section of the mural.

I’m sure you’ll recognize the girl on the left side from many appearances around the city, which is by Eddie, and the right side is D’s. A lot of curious passersby stopped behind the fence to admire the work in progress, and you should too before the mural’s gone as it’s quite striking. Here’s one more picture: