It’s the first Thursday of the month, so this means a lot of art events tonight (Trader Joe’s is already sold out of any wine under $4). Since there are so many options to choose from, we’ll just make it easy for you Tender Readers by telling you where we’ll be: the Mike Page Style Lab (on Post between Jones and Taylor).

We’re going for the main reason that we’ve never been there (we are not fancy hair people–humin manly cuts his own… with a bowie knife) and apparently our neighbor on the 2nd floor works there. Oh, they’re also showing some cool art by Oana Barac-Matei.

Mike Page Style Lab
Invites you to join them for
Art, Music, Cocktails & Small Bites

City Series Art by Oana Barac-Matei

Small Bites by:
Mangos Cafe & Candy Darling