Yes, November 2nd. Fuck, that means that it’s voting day… Why care? Because you should always care about elections, especially on a local level. Don’t vote for Nancy Pelosi if you want to protest, but for the love of god, vote on our local measures and races. That’s where your voice truly matters and even more so this time around as we choose who will get to sit in the fart cloud left by a smugly-departing Chris Daly.

For those who already used their Voter Guide to light up, thinking that Prop 19 is like, so in, here’s some great coverage telling you how to vote. No word on if it’s tacos or cheese puffs that are more the shit though.

Looking for a campaign poster to hang up? These subtle revisions will probably serve you well. Beware of candidates who don’t understand the humor though. Are there those who do get it? Amazingly, yes.

But who do we endorse? Simple, no one, despite candidate efforts to appear to “get the Loin“.

Oh, but what about low income housing and homeless? Yeah, that’s a fun topic which nearly none of the candidates have even the slightest hint of a good idea on. Hell, getting them to define “gentrification” was impossible, when they could have just played it safe and quoted Wikipedia. And, despite Jane’s claimed $6,000 a year income, given her sunglasses, she probably has an iPhone that she could have busted out a lookup on. Jim does look a tad lost though, so he got a pass simply based on being a resident for 33 years.

Anyways, that’s it, our political blather to date. To sum up, we don’t like any of these local candidates, but we’re stuck with choosing one in the end, which let’s hope is the least shitty, lest we end up with more of this. Oh, and on those local Measures, the Necessary Conversation ladies kinda hit that about as hard as it needs to be hit (if you’re still unsure, watch their Voter Guides again, right before you leave the house). As for the state stuff, I think we’ve all seen enough Meg Whitman bobblehead ads to last a lifetime…