Today, Mayor Gavin Newsom announced that the Fifth game of the World Series will be broadcast in a big screen at the Civic Center Plaza, on the same type of outdoors screen we enjoyed the World Cup on back in July. So, it’s basically the same, cool public screening, but this one will have the players standing around more, with a smaller ball, and less of that damned vuvuzela. Newsom reportedly said:

The Giants 3–1 lead in the World Series has electrified the City and brought us all together to celebrate our hometown team and what’s best about the San Francisco Bay Area. The game that could clinch the Series may be in Texas, but we’re creating an opportunity right in front of City Hall for families to gather and cheer the Giants to a World Championship.

So in keeping with the event focus on families, alcohol will not be sold or permitted on Civic Center Plaza during the broadcast, which makes it almost seem like it’s not baseball. Off The Grid (who is already in the area every Thursday and Friday), announced that four food trucks shall grace the event with their offer including: (Chairman Bao, Senor Sisig and their tasty pork belly tacos, Sam’s Chowdermobile who has amazing lobster rolls, and the new creamy deliciousness of Twirl and Dip).

The Mayor recommends taking public transportation and arriving early to secure a spot on the lawn or to be able to see anything. The SF Citizen also recommends to hide your alcohol. At to where to hide it, we’d recommend in your liver, rapidly.

The show starts at 4:30pm and a lot of orange is expected, lots more than for the epic Spain-Netherlands World Cup final game.

Photo by Steve Rhodes

We can’t promise that the above couple (seriously folks, you need to get either stoned or drunk, together, not separately) will be in attendance, but undoubtedly, there will be more of the same, as well as Frank Chu who someone should try to pass a taco to as I want to see if Frank will lower his 12 Galaxies sign in the name of scarfing down some Sisig.