In case you watched the game at home or in your neighborhood bar, you missed the crazy crowds celebrating the Giants win at the Civic Center Plaza. Fortunately, this is San Francisco so there’s plenty of documentation for you to watch again and again when you need a little cheering during the 49ers’ season.

The moment of the actual win (at 1:42):

From @jimmybondo

The happiness:

From @brianglick

@lmc also posted a great video of the celebrations on Flickr, but for some strange reason I can’t embed it – so go watch it there.

And speaking of Flickr, check out this very extensive slideshow by @rtaibah of the whole game-watching at the Civic Center.

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be equally happy with the win. Namely, the SF Recreation & Park Dept trash collectors:

Photo by @Tokyomango