The Tenderloin is never included in any of those cheesy lists for ‘Best hoods for Trick-or-Treating‘ that newspapers seem to love so much. These are the lists where commenters say things like “I wouldn’t take my kid to trick-or-treat around [the Tenderloin] if you paid us both”). They can stick their opinion in whatever orifice they like, as going to the Farmers’ Market this morning I saw several neighbors with bags full of treats ready for visitors, as well as a good number of people in costumes doing the rounds for ‘Trick or Treat’. There are a lot of kids here and crack-rock candy jokes aside, people do enjoy the holiday.

As this neighborhood is mainly big apartment buildings instead of single-family homes, it’s never on any list of ‘Best decorated houses’ (such as these awesome ones in the Lower Haight). This makes sense as it’s hard to wrap your whole building in faux-spiderwebs and ghosts if it has eight stories. In spite of that, most business and even some neighbors in the Tenderloin have made some effort to put up Halloween-themed decorations on their windows (or on their dogs). Here are a few examples for you to enjoy.