• The fourth Muni Diaries Live event is happening tonight at the Make-Out Room. You’ll get a night of Muni-related entertainment, and the chance to hang out with some of the city’s blogeratti (and us). Not only that, but they’ll be selling their brand new Fast Pass t-shirts! Of course, we’ll be there (with the actual blogeratti).
  • In case you really, really don’t want to leave the neighborhood for the Muni Diaries Live event (but it’ll be totally worth it, promise), you can go get spooked at City Hall. At 6:30pm a free tour will let you know about little-known facts such as the main San Francisco cemetery once covered Civic Center. Other creepy tidbits will be divulged as well including disinterred remains, assassinations, and ghostly appearances. The secrets of Gavin’s hair are apparently an extra charge, but Ms. Spotswood would say that it’s totally worth it.
  • Are you too busy/broke to attend the Rallies to Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive in Washington D.C. tomorrow? Fear/sanify not, dear San Franciscans, for there will be a satellite rally at the Civic Center from 9am to 3pm. Various performances are slated (including belly dancing, improv theater, a costume contest, and lots of comedy), and we expect many clever political signs. Prepare yours!
  • On Saturday starting at 8pm, Space Gallery (on Polk at Hemlock) will be hosting Just One Bite, an exhibition of zombie-themed artwork. Stop by to see new works by Brian Henderson, Helen Bayley, Chad Hasegawa, Bo Heimlich, Justin Lavato, Jason Vivona, Darryl Pierce, and Peter Adamyan. Voting for any Tea Party candidates is purely optional.
  • And don’t forget that tomorrow is also Cambo & The Life‘s The Devil’s Eve Ball at the Boom Boom Room, starting at 9pm. It will be epic.
  • Hooker’s Sweet Treats is opening this Sunday for Halloween, but will be closed on Monday. The opening hours for Sunday will be the same as Saturdays, 10am to 2pm. If it goes well, he’ll probably be open every Sunday after that. So get your pumpkin bread pudding and caramel eatin’ duds on!
  • Feel like cycling and actually having it mean something? Then head on over to the Trickster Treat 2010 on October 31st (that would be Halloween) at 2PM in the Golden Gate Park Polo Fields. It’s an event to benefit Up on Top, a Tenderloin and Western Addition after school and summer program.
  • Kokoro Studio is having a Halloween Horror Movie Night on Sunday at 9pm, with a screening of the movie House as well as the Japanese original version.

Photo above of Jeff & Eugenia of Muni Diaries from their first live event last year.