A week ago, the blog LiveSOMA wrote a post lamenting the lack of familiarity of the general public with most District 6 candidates:

Ultimately, I think the winner of this heated race will be the Candidate who has extended themselves to the most District 6 Voters possible. Contrary to all of the local political loudmouths out there, I believe that the general public doesn’t care know about a lot of the issues they complain about.

The bottom line is that most of the general public doesn’t even vote in such a local election, even though it’s quite an important one. This past weekend, I met a lot of neighbors at the Yerba Buena Neighborhood Fair, and most of them had no idea who any of the Candidates were.

While we agree with this, we’d like to go a step further and wonder how many people in this neighborhood are actually familiar with all the different measures besides the infamous Measure L? I mean, what about Measure V? Yeah, that was a trick question as there is no Measure V, although it could easily happen some day given how certain groups masturbate over creating new ballot initiatives in this city.

Or take for example this sad little demonstration in front of the Main Library which left me itchy and confused. So is Measure B really about ‘Bad Medicine’? (those of you who know exactly what Measure B is, raise your hands).

Dear Tender Readers and Loin residents, whether we like it or not (or whether we think they should be canceled until the World Series ends), the elections are happening in less than a week! But don’t panic if you’re still on page one of full Voter Guide, or have already used it as a door mat/toilet paper on a rainy day/wicked morning. Fortunately, the awesome folks at Necessary Conversation have summarized all that needs knowing in a perfectly clear and entertaining form that you could even understand whilst getting an early start at the Brown Jug.

Go vote or stop bitching!