Yeah, sorry to rephrase a quote from John McCain, but it appears that falling in to grumpy-old-man mode seemed to get the Clipper pad fixed that I’d bitched about previously.

In this instance, it’s the fact that the roll up door to what I call the Tenderloin Portal out of Powell Street Station, has been stuck in down mode for a couple of weeks now. I can only assume that it’s not being fixed as no one really cares, but for those of us who use that door often (as it avoids the annoying hustlers waiting for tourists at the other door and is more direct) it’s getting sort of ridiculous. I mean, this is easily adding seven or maybe even 10 seconds to my walk to the trains and that is layers of lame in a bureaucracy burrito I care not to swallow.

Fix the danged door, Muni/Bart people!