If you’ve seen this cat, her owners are desperately looking for her since the October 20th fire on 824 Hyde where they lived. Her name is Phoebe, she is about 10 lbs and will turn 7 on November 3. If you’ve seen her at any point since the fire or have any information, please contact her owner Stephanie at 415-806-5419 or the Nob Hill Cat Clinic who was her vet (she has a chip).

Here’s the comment that owner Stephanie left a few days ago on the post about the fire:

I was a resident of 824 Hyde for the past 21 years and lived in the studio. I have lost my precious cat, Phoebe. My boyfriend and I do not know if she made it out alive or not. We are asking all the neighbors in the area to keep your eyes out for a beautiful fluffy gray and white adult cat with a little black beauty mark on her nose. I lost all my photos but will try to find a way to post a picture. She does have a chip and if you think you have her or have seen her I beg you to contact Animal Control or Nob Hill Cat Clinic.

We were scheduled to pack the moving truck on Saturday, October 23 and drive cross country to Florida beginning on Monday.We are devastated that she is not with us.

And here’s what Stephanie wrote when she emailed us Phoebe’s picture to help find her:

She is shy but loves chicken treats. Thank you for your help. My boyfriend is so depressed without her. He has epilepsy and she would always lay on his chest after a seizure. She is more than a cat! I have limited internet access (I’m a Gelato on Sutter Street sending this).

We are hoping to get access to an apartment that might have garden access so we can see in the back. We pray she got out. It’s the not knowing that is killing me. We are staying on Pine Street. Our friend had an empty apartment and we are staying there until we fly to Florida.