In case you are an outdoors hater and haven’t heard about it, Sunday Streets is as an event that started some 30 years ago in Colombia (not Columbia, as stated in the Sunday Streets website) under the name Ciclovía and surprisingly only arrived to the Bay Area two years ago–trendsetters my ass. The goal is to promote the free and safe enjoyment of the streets through community activities and, most importantly, no cars for half a day. Today was the first one in the Civic Center/Tenderloin area, and also the 9th and final event of the 2010 season. Everyone in the neighborhood, including hard-hearted cynics like us, were very excited about it.

Unfortunately, it rained the whole day as shown by this pleasant picture snapped by TenderReader and friend Grrlinthecity at the intersection of O’Farrell and Hyde with her phone. Although she was carrying luggage and enjoyed walking down in the middle of the empty street to her place, we have to say the view looked quite sad. And that’s how all the other closed-off streets looked today, with very little foot traffic or any signs of human life.

Below you can see the traffic-less intersection of Polk and O’Farrell photographed by Mikerty from a window right across the street from the ever-so-classy Mitchell Brothers theater.

Photo by Mike Haggz

Down at the Civic Center plaza there were some hooded vendors trying to give away freebies to non-existent Sunday Streeters, and a lonely 51st State food truck spreading delicious smells onto the empty street. Sadly but unsurprisingly the event was called off at noon, and we’re hoping next year the rain will go fuck itself, although it was admittedly a bit of bad timing since it’s pretty common to get a bucket dump of rain this time of year to start off the season.

Photo by Tenderblog