Tender Readers, we adore you all, but especially those amongst your sweaty masses who know what we truly like (chocolate, cussing, porn, etc.) and send us sparkling gems of genius like what we have here. Somebody named Loverloin must have enjoyed our absolute and unconditional disendorsement of all the District 6 candidates (we still stand by that by the way) and sent us the real, unadulterated campaign posters that should actually be out there as they speak any number of truths. We wanted to show them here just in case you were still making up your mind about who to vote for.

Oh, and once you’ve decided, don’t forget to vote in our epic poll. Then, feel free to hang a “Willie Brown” or “Chris Daly” poster up in salute of your own dis-endorsement or just to piss off someone across the street who might feel the opposite.